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Index Property Information provides a bespoke search service for Solicitors and Licensed Conveyancers. With extensive experience in the property and search industry, Index understands the requirements of today’s conveyancing professionals. Index delivers what you want and need from the search provider; simplicity, speed, assured delivery, competitive pricing and people that deliver what they promise. The Index on-line ordering portal has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use. No more unnecessary page re-loads, or lists of rarely used products or cumbersome mapping systems. Index has simplified the process and boasts the most straightforward ordering platform available with links to Index Insure for indemnities, HMRC for SDLT calculations and submissions, Land Registry and Companies House.

With your file reference, a property address and the products you need, we can do the rest - nothing stops you from placing the order and the rest we will do on your behalf. We also understand that not all clients wish to use on-line systems and tailor our service to each customer’s individual preference. There is no automated telephone systems and no voicemail messages; instead, there is a dedicated team of professionals at the end of the phone able to answer queries and deal efficiently with enquiries. No contractual tie-ins, no license fees, no mapping charges, in fact, no hidden costs whatsoever - you order what you need and you pay for what you order. And we guarantee the personal service that sets the best from the rest.

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