Black History Month

An update from Surrey Law Society President, Mumtaz Hussain

“October is “Black History Month” and the county of Surrey has a long, if at times uncomfortable affiliation with black culture. There is a huge amount of information available for members of SLS who wish to explore the complex and sometimes nuanced relationship between wealthy white land owners and their connections to slavery in Surrey. Many people in modern day Surrey will not explore this history, largely through discomfort and unease, and sadly as a result this huge area of Surrey’s cultural heritage is ignored.

The origins of Black History Month are North American and the month is an opportunity to raise awareness of the many and varied contributions made to neighbourhoods through the black communities. It is also a recognition and celebration of the rich cultural heritage of black communities.

This celebratory month has now become a firm aspect of the calendar on a global scale.

Members of SLS can join in via some of the events organised by Black History Month UK. Below is a link to some of the events due to be held in Surrey, both in October and beyond, so don’t worry if you aren’t free in October:

Saturday, 2nd October, 2021