Nominations for the 2021/22 round of Queen’s Counsel honoris causa (honorary silk) awards

A message from the President of The Law Society

The Ministry of Justice has launched the 2021/22 round of Queen’s Counsel honoris causa (honorary silk) awards by inviting nominations. All practitioners and members of the public are free to make nominations (including self-nominations, if they qualify) directly to the Ministry of Justice.

As in previous years, the Law Society is participating in this process by making nominations itself of solicitor members of The Law Society. We are publicising the Law Society’s role as a nominating body and inviting nominations through a range of channels, including the Professional Update, local law societies, and the website. We are inviting people to nominate either themselves or others to us. A review panel will then select those who will go forward as nominees of The Law Society.

To make a nomination, you will need to provide basic personal details of the nominee (or yourself) and the following:

· Legal qualifications and legal experience to date
· What significant contribution(s) has the nominee made to the law in England and Wales, other than in court
· The major and particular contributions the nominee has made that reinforce the case for awarding the title of QC (honoris causa)
· Why you think this person should be nominated by the Law Society as an Honorary QC

Please download and complete the standard nomination form from the Ministry of Justice web site

Send your completed form to no later than midday on Wednesday 21 July 2021 for consideration. Nomination by the Law Society is subject to our own internal review process and there is no guarantee of success.

Kind regards

I.Stephanie Boyce
President of the Law Society of England and Wales

Thursday, 8th July, 2021