LAW SOCIETY: Round Tables

The Law Society has commissioned research to better understand the experiences of BAME solicitors in the profession. To further inform the research they are inviting firms to participate in a series of roundtables to share their insights. The roundtables will look broadly at what firms are doing to promote/support D&I. They will also explore examples of good practise and drill down into the challenges of attracting BAME talent.

The duration of the roundtables will be 90 minutes, Chatham house rules will apply, and all contributions will be anonymised. The intelligence captured will be used to formulate a report with recommendations on how the Law Society can provide more practical support to the profession. 

In the present circumstances, all roundtables will be on Zoom:

  • 6th Aug – HR/Recruitment/D & I Professional– 5pm
  • 12th Aug – HR/Recruitment/D & I Professional - 2pm
  • 13th Aug – HR/Recruitment/D & I Professional– 2pm
  • 18th Aug – HR/Recruitment/D & I Professional– 5pm
  • 19th Aug – HR/Recruitment/D & I Professional –2pm

If you would like to attend, email specifying which roundtable.

Monday, 3rd August, 2020