WEBINAR RECORDING: Getting Digital in a Virtual World

The Surrey Law Society was delighted to offer members the opportunity to attend a webinar on 'Getting Digital in a Virtual World', which was presented by Lara Squires FCIM, DireDirector, Consortium More than Marketing

To view of a recording of the Webinar, please click here.

About the Webinar

Hosted by Lara Squires FCIM of Consortium More than Marketing, this webinar will cover how to get the very best out of social media platform, LinkedIn, and will cover:Many firms will be pleased that lockdown is gradually ending, but what does that mean for how they can operate, what preparation needs to take place in terms of premises, staff, clients, safety and reassurance etc? The current lockdown has seen an increase in volume of auction sales and purchases. This webinar highlights some of the tips and traps of auction transactions

  • What a complete profile looks like 
  • How to increase engagement 
  • Business Development for LinkedIn 
  • The 60 second pitch
  • Networking virtually 
  • Business Development virtually 
  • A quick look at some tools to help you maximise your time and opportunities 

About the Speaker

Having worked in professional services for the past 15 years, Lara has a real insight into the challenges faced by the sector, and how to overcome these using a mix of sales and marketing tools.

Lara’s areas of expertise include, marketing strategy, communication plans, business development, sales training and mentoring.

Lara has an innate confidence which enables her to get in front of the right people and create new business opportunities.

Lara is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a Chartered Marketer; she is an experienced sales professional who is inspired by helping companies achieve their business goals.

Wednesday, 15th July, 2020