No More CPD? Sadly Not The Case!

Continuing Competence does not mean that you no longer need to complete CPD learning activities.

As a minimum, you must consider your day-to-day work, your learning needs and any gaps that may need to be addressed. You must be able to demonstrate you have carried out this process and have kept adequate records to provide to the SRA if required. You must still make an annual declaration to the SRA on renewal of your Practising Certificate in October each year.

How SLS can help with compliance:
To assist you we have identified which Competencies each of our courses will cover, and aim to ensure that all 4 areas are covered during the year. For further information please get in touch with CEO Sue Seakens

The SRA has split the Competencies into 4 sections:

A. Ethics, Professionalism and Judgement:
This section contains the key requirements to act honestly and with integrity, and to maintain the level of competence and legal knowledge needed to practice effectively by applying understanding, critical thinking and analytical skills. In particular, you must take responsibility for your personal learning and development and maintain an up-to-date understanding of relevant law and practice.

B. Technical Legal Practice:
This section covers the basic elements of legal advice, such as the requirement to obtain all relevant facts, undertake legal research, draft legally effective documents, advise on all relevant options, conduct advocacy and negotiation of solutions to the client’s issues.

C. Working with Other People:
This section covers clear and effective communications, and professional relations with clients and others.

D. Managing Themselves and Their Own Work:
This section includes requirements as to planning, prioritising and managing work activities and projects, keeping accurate and complete records and applying good business practice.

What You Need To Do:

  • Reflect on your work and your learning needs.
  • Plan your learning activities to meet those needs.Complete the learning activities.
  • Record what you have done.
  • Evaluate how each learning activity has met your learning needs.
  • Make an annual declaration to the SRA.

Thursday, 16th February, 2017